Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Albinor Chronicles Chapter 22
"Deadly Alliance"

By Marcus Pan

October 12, 004

Deadly AllianceThe galley sped quickly through the small section of Karameikos' water, cutting silently into the waters of Entropia. The only reason Entropia held these waters was because, with help from Ierendi to the south and their naval vessels, they patrolled it. And this vessel now passing into Entropia's waters was, indeed, a vessel from Ierendi riding swiftly northeast from Fort II on one of Ierendi's islands. But this vessel was not only patrolling the still ocean of the evilly-alighned country of Entropia. This was a much more important boat. In it was Hector Aasgard, the renowned and infamous Duke of Death and king of Entropia. And with him rode the feared Myrmidon John Skurge, the evil Captain of Ierendi. And also a hundred-strong battalion of Skurge's knights. They headed for Fort Doom, King Hector Aasgard's home.

The voyage was easily traversed and Fort Doom was reached within two weeks travel from Fort II of Ierendi. The vessel put in to port and the battalion marched off, Hector and John in front. Their dark, full plate shone in the sun, seeming to nearly swallow the light thrown upon it like a hundred dark voids. "Hail Hector! Hail Entropia!" came the shout from the men who witnessed the unboarding of the army. Shields were slung on the warriors' backs and longswords on their right sides. Small knife hilts poked from oaken scabbards on their left sides. They seemed like perfect copies, simulacrums of each other. Such was the well-trained and well-armed army King Zeckar Ierendi had sent over to Entropia to help in the conquest of Karameikos. A man crouched, hidden, against a wall gaped at the sight and slipped away into the shadows of twilight. Clad in a black cloak and soft boots so as to make no noise, he hurried his steps almost at a run due east.

Krakatos, home of Duke Stefan Karameikos and Captain Karnack Knight, the black-clad human man reached in over a week of quick, running travel. Nearly exhausted to death he hobbled in to have audience with the Duke of Karameikos. Such is the way news of Entropia's moves reach Karameikos. And now, with direct evidence of aid from the evil country of Ierendi to the southwest, the duke and his captain were worried.

The above item may have been edited by the author since its first appearance in Legends No. 59.