Editor's Notes

HeartWelcome once again to another issue. An issue that nearly didn't make it. I was toying with the idea of skipping the month of February to catch up on an overabundance of work I've pulled atop myself this month and bring out No. 59 in March, but at the urging of some readers I've decided to buckle down and deliver it this month. I only have a few days to put the whole issue together, but I'll survive. I'm best under pressure.

This month I'm proud to bring you my Albinor Chronicles Chapter 22 entitled "Deadly Alliance." I hope you like it. While most of this chapter swirls around a highly political theme, it sets the stage for a rough future in Albinor. Those who would like to actually visit this land via the road of TSR's Advanced Dungeons and Dragons should contact me and I'll be happy to set up a game session some time in my overly hectic schedule.

For those who haven't been there yet, I would urge all to visit Legends Online at the following World Wide Web address:

It may soon be changing addresses as I'm negotiating a long term service contract with IFU.NET, but everyone will be forewarned before the switch occurs and the old address will remain active with at the very least a change of address notification for a couple of months. On the site not only will be the text of all main articles for that month, you'll see some of the artwork in full color as well as a section entitled The Best of Legends which will hold some of the best items I've printed. Also there is The History of Legends detailing the rises and falls of this magazine over the first five years of its lifetime. So check it out!

I'm going to have a lot of reprints to run out over the next few months (maybe some larger issues?), but I'll be sure to throw in some fantasy related poetry, stories and game playing items. So see you on the back page and enjoy the issue.

Marcus Pan
January 28, 1996