By Marcus Pan

Hope you enjoyed this issue of Legends Magazine…look forward to seeing some more great works in Issue 7. You can look forward to seeing Chapter 4 of the Albinor Chronicles, called "The Trial of Skarda Castle," as well as some additional information on the new character class known as the Avenger. Hopefully we will be able to receive Chapter 2 of Arganatheon from Mar-ee within time enough to publish it there as well. More lyrical prose from Marcus Pan, such as "Crash" and "Snap," some more art from Mar-ee, a cover by Erric Zdzchowski, and possibly from Nancy and Rose even more art. We are expecting a fictional story from Glenn Young, and the last part of the lyrics called "Titties and Beer" from Ace Tempalsky as well. Lots of good stuff coming your way, so watch out for Legends Magazine, Issue No. 7…

Marcus Pan