Roll the Dice

By Marcus Pan

DiceDiceIt's only a game
A game of luck
It's all the same
Cuz no one gives a fuck

You shake 'em up
Then you roll 'em down
No matter where they stop
You might as well leave town

You think you're bad?
Sure, you think you're cool.
You don't know shit, boy
You're a fool

Give up on love
It's a loser's game
Trust me here
I've played the very same

Step right up
And play the game
Go right ahead
It's such a shame
Step right up
And roll the dice
No matter what you get
It won't be nice

Your turn kid
Place your bet
Roll the dice
And see what you get

Come on down
And spin the dial
You may even be lucky
For a little while

But all good things
Must come to an end
And trust me, pain
Is right around the bend

That's when you'll wish
You never played the game
This game called love
Only breeds pain