Editor's Notes

By Marcus Pan

Welcome to Issue no. 6 of Legends Magazine. Lotsa good stuff in this issue, folks. We are introducing a new character class, the Avenger, which is the opposite of the Paladin. An original lyrical prose by the name of "Roll the Dice" can be found in here. Another lyrical prose issue, which I think is quite exceptional, is "Titties and Beer" by Frank Zappa, reprinted here for your enjoyment with thanx to Ace Tempalsky for the transcript. We thank Erric Zdzchowski for his pic (unfortunately no room was found in this issue, but look forward to it). Chapter 3 of the Albinor Chronicles, "The Coming of Asmodeus," is within these pages this issue as well.

We apologize for the lateness of the arrival of this issue but our copier, R. Panchenko, has been sick and unable to furnish the copies for this issue. I would like to give hellos to the Chubb students of class J336A, with special recognition to James, Eddie, Hollywood, Carl, Jackie, and Reggie. Hope you enjoy the latest of Legends.


Marcus Pan