Well, you did it again. You read through another entire issue. Can't you save some for later? Now you have to wait another month for the next one!

Well, anyway, next month's issue will probably be a little on the slim side, but that's ok. I am debuting a new cover artist by the name of Mr. -X-, so that's not a bad thing. Did up a real nice cover, he did. Have another drug related article coming out, some cyber-humor, etc. Concentrating mostly on humor next issue so buy a weight belt or you might bust a gut.

I am sending out another plea for help. I need articles and artwork. I am fortunately getting some via the Internet in my e-mail box, so that's cool. I'd like to get a lot more though. Haven't had any good poets lately and Steele hasn't been doing much of anything 'cept sitting on his ass and what not. So anyone that feels like sending something in that may fit the vein of Legends (which could actually be almost anything lately) is welcome to do so in the following ways:

Mail it: Marcus Pan, P.O. Box 1161, Linden, NJ, 07036-000
E-Mail it:
Fax it: (908) 486-7389
Web it:

How hard can it possibly be? If I don't get some help soon I may just start concentrating even more on my web site and dump this rag, so someone do something. I'm actually getting pissed off…

Peace and love…

Marcus Pan
April 5, 1996 @ 12:04 AM