Editor's Notes

Well, just when you thought Legends had gone the way of the wind, it ends up back in your hands. So, I skipped a month. It's happened in the past, it'll probably happen in the future, who gives a shit? I had a rough month.

I wanted to take some time to tell everybody to stay away from Licciardi Ford. All those people do is shuffle you from one person to another. I know it takes a while to buy a car (the Contour I'm driving now was well worth it…yay Ford), but does it really have to take five hours and five people? The only person I liked out of the whole experience is the guy who first showed me the car. He didn't even bitch when I was test driving one and whipped it around a u-turn like a nutcase. But once he was done, out came another sales manager type person, and another sales manager type person until we finally agreed on a price. Then I stood around like a schmuck for a while until they shipped me to the back room to finalize the deal with some fat, pompous, greasy, overbearing fuck of an accountant. Then this no-brainer bimbo was in charge of showing me the car's options, right down to the fact that the trunk key does not start the car (this was demonstrated rather adeptly). Ok, enough about Ford. I got the Contour, I'm hanging by a financial noose, what the hell else is there to do? Buddy of mine is fond of saying the word own is actually a shortened version of owe on. As in, "Hey you own (owe on) that house/car/etc.?" "Sure do! I own (owe on) this house/car/etc.!" So it's the American way. Needless to say, now more than ever, fucking subscribe! Ok, enough.

That's pretty much it. I could go on…bitch about stuff at work, list new Quantex employee home pages, talk about my new car, etc., but I won't because nobody cares [sigh]

Isn't sarcasm fun?

Marcus Pan
April 1st (Fool's Day), 1996 @ 11:41PM