This issue came out a little shorter than the last, but what do you expect when I don't have much help? I pushed this issue out in less than a day and still found the time to shoot some good pool games, so shit's looking up (spent $50 at the pool hall just for table time). Legends is starting to peak a little interest as I'm expecting a slew of more poetry and short stories of the CyberPunk genre from Shadowrunner and The Dragon, so my fax better start ringing.

I'd like to get my hands on some more artwork from Mr. -X-, so I hope he's able to deliver. Unfortunately, because it was a hand over, I'm not able to debut the cover on Legends Online, so in the form of art I would prefer faxes so that I can paste it with the computer and use it on the web because I have no other way (currently) of getting it into the computer.

Next issue I have a ton of reprints coming out. And more of those stupid picture cards, so deal with it. I am also proud to announce that in the near future Derek McDonald will return with the History of Metal, a mini-series showing the movement of metal rock through the ages. A well-done and well-researched piece, so you're sure to enjoy. I will have a music article in next issue surrounding the Seattle music scene, so I hope you look forward to that.

Well, I'm going to close it up. Laura and I have plans to take a nice ride today (just pointing the nose of the Contour south) and I'm looking forward to it. Peace and love…


P.S. Pick up the new Rage Against the Machine album…it kicks extensive ass!

Marcus Pan
April 28, 1996 @ 1:19PM