Editor's Notes

Here we go with another issue. Have some more drug stuff, humor, computer humor and then some so I hope it's enjoyed. So far I haven't gotten many submissions, but Steele tells me that he expects to be able to turn over the final chapters of the Last Warrior very soon so at least something's panning out. My fax line has been virtually unused and I'm very close to just not having the system up and running all day to accept nonexistent faxes. So somebody fax me something.

We debut my newest cover artist this month with the macabre treasure scene submitted by Mr. -X-, a.k.a. MixmasteR -X-. I rather enjoy the piece. If there are any other artists out there interested in doing a cover, fax me it over, or hand it over or whatever. I'd prefer the fax if possible so I'd be able to put it up on Legends Online as well.

I'm looking to hopefully start a Letters column, so anyone who has any comments or criticisms on anything about the zine at all just write them in. I'm accepting via hand-overs, U.S. post, fax, e-mail, or whatever (you can get all the different addresses and what-not from the Credits page) so write in. I haven't been getting much from people about the zine so I'm considering dropping it to spend more time on work, the Pan Pages and general stuff like that which I have been getting interest in. So let's see someone say something…

I'm still running out the picture cards and I know they're annoying, but I don't just want to throw them out so deal with them.

That's about it. See you on the back page!

Marcus Pan
April 27, 1996 @ 6:47PM