Booze & Drugs

Green Dragon

By Skunk#1

After reading much about the wonders of Green Dragon, alcohol that has had marijuana seeping in it for a while, I decided to try it myself. Taking a friend's leftover leaves from his harvest and a few buds of my own, I stuffed a big Absolut vodka bottle with leaves and buds. I should preface this account of my adventures with Green Dragon with the acknowledgement of the fact that I do not drink copious quantities of alcohol and use marijuana as an alternative intoxicant to alcohol. I will occasionally drink beer while smoking, but vodka is a bit extreme for me.

After only a day the vodka had turned a green shade which got stronger in color as the days wore on. We cracked it open after a week and set aside the night for drinking. The vodka smelled horrible, almost bad enough to make you gag, but it tasted just like vodka. We all took four shots to begin with, and for 20-30 minutes, we were fine, realizing that we were a little drunk, but not incredibly fucked up. Then it hit us. We were in the middle of another round of shots when we all reacted to the THC. We were pretty fucked up, but we finished the round. The waves of intoxication kept building up after that sending us higher and higher until I eventually got to bed. The world was spinning when I dozed off into the night.