Hope you enjoyed this issue. Much happening in the forthcoming ones. I have a ton of reprints to run out, so next issue will consist of five of those. In the future you can expect Derek McDonald's "The Polishing of Metal" series. Next issue's cover is set to be created in full by Joe Hand, the same who did the newest logo for Legends Magazine that first appears on this month's cover. The issue after that may even be turned over in full to him to perform the entire layout. So he may join an almost-permanent staff position on the magazine.

Mr. -X- has agreed to illustrate some upcoming Albinor Chronicles that are forthcoming, so I'm working on reading through some of them to print out a couple that he may be able to put to paper as art. Some more good news. While this issue is a little late, I'm working on getting things on each month's issue started no later than the 20th of the previous month. Those close to me know some of the recent developments (developments being an extreme understatement) in my personal life that has delayed this magazine. With the help I'm starting to receive things should move along a lot smoother.

Future? Let's see. As stated, I have Joe Hand and Mr. -X- accepting future jobs on the magazine. Steele, whom I haven't seen since writing the Editor's Notes, still promises the Last Warrior continuations as well as artwork. Dragon and Shadowrunner have yet to get back to me with poetry, so as soon as I see them at the local pool hall I shoot at I'll yell at them. I have yet to ask Dozer if he's interested in a future cover illustration and/or layout. I'm also getting some feedback from people about Legends Online, so people are actually paying attention. Good news all around.

See you next month, kiddies!!!

Peace and love from your friendly, neighborhood Celtic…

Marcus Pan
June 3, 1996 @ 11:06PM