Editor's Notes

Welcome yet again to another issue of stuff that just don't fit anywhere else. Come to think of it, not much of it fits here either, but hell with it.

First, I'm proud to announce that I am actually getting some help, submissions, interest, etc. First of all, you can check out the newest Legends Magazine logo which I will be using indefinitely which was created by Joey Hand. He also created the full color one that you can all see at Legends Online. I'm also toying with the idea of turning over an issue or two for him to layout as he's getting antsy with his new version of Quark and is dying to utilize it. So maybe in 63 or 64, you'll see the actual layout being done elsewhere. Thanks much to Joey Hand!

You can also remember that last month we had Mr. -X-'s art debuting on the cover and I'm hoping for some more from him. Meanwhile you can check out his site on the World Wide Web if you have a mind to. Just head to the Pan Pages, flush yourself and check out the Pan's Pals list. Hoping to see some more artwork from Mr. -X- soon as well as possibly some smaller items which I can fit in the issue itself. Also, I'm toying with the idea of giving him one of the future Albinor Chronicles to illustrate in the future.

I'm waiting for the Last Warrior chapters to continue from Jaken Steele. He also claims he has more artwork for the magazine and that will be a welcome comeback indeed. Would like to see some more of his poetry as well.

Am also hoping that Dozer will do something for a future cover once again like he did way back on the cover of issue 56. That would be something to look forward to (it was a great cover). Hoping Harry will get off his ass and submit that poetry he said he would ages ago. And lastly, looking forward to receive something from the Dragon, who we haven't seen in Legends since a collaboration between him and Shadowrunner way back in issue 30 with a poem entitled "New Land." Ran into him at the local pool hall, so hopefully he'll make good on his promise.

That's about it kiddies. So enjoy this month's issue and, for Mother's sake, if you have something to say about this 'zine, say it!!

Peace and love…

Marcus Pan
May 28, 1996 @ 12:05AM