Seattle Scene

By Sir Cosmic Luv

If you haven't noticed it's 1994 and already so much has happened here in the emerald city. However, instead of reliving the past in such detail I'd rather just touch on a few of the high points. It seems so redundant and a bit trivial to keep giving a blow by blow of every party I visit.

However, one weekend in particular stands out and needs to be mentioned. It was the visit from San Francisco's recording artists Dubtribe. They came, they saw, they rocked our heads. They visited the Romper Room on Thursday and brought life to the night. They kicked off the first night of Choc-Lit factory with a bang. Finally, they showed up at Lemon Twist and showed those people what's up! The Dubtribe Sound System has got it goin' on. Look for their return on March 17th at Evolution.

From here on out, I, Sir Cosmic Luv, am going to predict the future rather than reiterate the past. My eyes will peer forward instead of backwards. I'm going to gaze deep into my ear and tell you, the reader, what is going to happen here in the future. You see I look into my ear at this family of potato bugs, or is that "potatoe" bugs. Anyway, I watch these creatures in their day to day life and from this I know the future. Sounds crazy, but it has worked so far. I knew all about that earthquake down south. I called the proper authorities in L.A. warning them of the tragedy about to hit. Then I had to explain about my ear dwelling friends and I quickly got dismissed as a lunatic. I pray you won't feel the same or misfortune may follow you as well.

My first prediction is that soon an abundance of music will be flowing out of Seattle. Yes, of course, there already is an abundance of three chord guitar sporting, flannel wearing, beer swilling, stage diving, dope shooting, punk rock crap. I'm talking about good dance music. Record labels are peering their small uncorporate heads above ground. Or should I say underground. Anyway, now is the time. Now is the time for all you basement DJs and producers to come to the surface. Vinyl awaits you and your trax. Pick up the Pace! If you have already begun pounding away on your keyboards let us give it a listen. Send us your shit and we will direct you on where to go. And it won't be to hell.

Next, I'd like to comment on this thing we so commonly call acid jazz. Do any of us know what the fuck acid jazz is? It has become quite popular and before it becomes any less popular it's only gonna get bigger. My problem isn't with the style of music or the people who are coming out in hordes to get down to it. My problem is the looseness of the term. We now have places like the Lox, Stock and Bagel having an Acid Jazz night, which is not much more than a night with bands. Since these bands may have a bit of jazz flare they decided to dub the night "Acid Jazz." These people wouldn't know what the fuck Acid Jazz is if it bit them. Finally, Acid Jazz as a label from England. They put out several different types of music. The music we call Acid Jazz which everyone seems to have their own interpretation of is dance floor jazz, nothing more! We now have entered the marketing explosion and everyone is jumping in to make a buck. This is a common occurrence with different genres of music and the problem is that soon it becomes trendy and those who really enjoy it lose the passion for it. It's not that hip anymore. So if you are a lover for this sort of beat, don't call it Acid Jazz. Call it Jazz and perhaps people won't think it's as hip.

Hey, here's a tangent for 'ya. Whatever happened to the big circus, festival-type raves. I miss those things. There was a time when I felt it was a bit childish and we had lost the focus. However, there was a good feeling of fun and we shouldn't be so serious all the time. Another great thing was sitting outside the Moonbounce and watching people running out puking up the E. It's also nice to be able to see where your fifteen bucks is good, besides the promoter's pocket.

This brings up a thought. For the most part the promoters are taking home the big chunks of money. It may be argued that it should be that way. Why not? The promoters do all the leg work and are also the ones taking the risk. The problem is when corners start getting cut to trim their budgets. "Oh hell, we don't need any bathrooms!" The problem has been solved. The night we have come to know as The Choc-Lit factory has a nice method. Everyone involved whether they're a promoter or a DJ becomes a partner. Everyone gets an equal piece of the pie. The fact is that no one is making money and the love of music is their motivation. I think the club goers can feel this and feed off it as well.

Here's another tangent for you. There is a need for space in certain nights and parties. I mean it's great to have a night so crowded you have to turn people away. But wouldn't it be better if everyone could experience it? To conserve on space I'm speaking out to all you backpack wearing motherfuckers. Do like the rest of us and store all your shit somewhere else. Live life the Buddha way. Less is more. You need to give up your strangle-hold on your worldly possessions. Especially if they are so important you need to wear them on your damn back all night. What the fuck do you people put in there anyway? Didn't you guys see Markie Mark on the Grammy's sporting his backpack? That right there would give you a hint how dumb that is. What the fuck could Markie Mark have in that backpack that was so important he needed to bring it out on stage with him? Nothin! He's a fucking poser. Remember, save space. Leave your backpack at home.

Now it's time for me to get off, but I can't do it here. I may wreck the computer. I hope no one was offended by my words. If you were, then I ask a simple favor of you. Get a fucking sense of humor. I had more to say, but I lost all my notes. I really should get something to hold them in. Does anyone know where I could get a cheap backpack?