Well, folks, you've reached the end of a long-awaited issue. I hope you enjoyed it well and I'll see you next month. I'll do my best not to skip any more time with the magazine.

A brief moment I wish to take now in remembrance of my mom who passed away a year ago this month. She was probably the largest influence on my life and would be very proud to see where I am now; working with people like Nat, Daryl, Stephen, JamesB, Dozer, Harry, Steph, Gayatri, Oliver, Chris, JohnB, JoeC, BillA, Hina and all the others at Quantex. And, of course, finally settling down with someone like Laura and Sophia whom I probably don't deserve in the first place. So things are good and I'm sure she's smiling.

Ok, on to what to expect in number 64! Derek McDonald is scheduled to return in October with a new series. You should all remember him for his Iron Maiden Discography from back in issue 57. This time we bring the first chapter of his Polishing of Metal piece with Serious Business. It was excellently researched and written.

Also in the music area, we have Bob Gourley once again with a piece on New Order. A good techy article entitled How Internet Works is coming your way and another humorous one that compares operating systems to, well, beers. Is There a Santa Claus is another good funny piece I pulled down for Legends.

So I hope to see you all next month. Peace and love to all the nuts out there. Visit the Pan Pages ( After all, there's a little goth in all of us…

Marcus Pan
August 25, 1996 @ 12:11AM