Editor's Notes

Can you believe it? Is it for real? Are you actually holding in your hands another Legends Magazine? How long has it been? Can you even remember what the cover of last issue had on it, much less the content?

Well holy shit, I'm back! And following this hardcopy version will, of course, be the version for Legends Online ( shortly hereafter. And for your information, the cover of No. 62, if you don't remember, was by Joey Hand and debuted his logo which is now to be used continuously. And the content was mostly humor.

Enough of that! It's been a rough year; one filled with promise, misfortune and more. Things are happening so fast to me these days I'm surprised that my walking license wasn't suspended for speeding. Those of you close enough to me know full well the items of which I speak. And for those that don't, just rest assured that the two month hiatus I took from this fanzine was one that was thoroughly deserved and needed. So sit back and relax knowing full well that when you least expect it, out of the corner of your eye, will be the rising once again of Legends Magazine.

I don't plan on taking any more powders for some time, but who's to say? I didn't plan on skipping the past two months either. Before I take any shit, may I mention to the World Wide Web Contest winners that the two months are not counted against the issues due to them. I count the mags themselves, not the months that go by.

Well, things are speeding up as usual so I'm going to gun my engine and finish up these notes so that I can continue on with the rest of this issue. I want to knock it out within a day and a half so that I can hit the copiers by Saturday. Peace and love!

Marcus Pan
August 22, 1996 @ 11:44PM