This issue ended up longer than the last, but I doubt I'll hear any complaints. Next issue probably won't be as big (not as many larger articles), but it will still have plenty of good stuff.

We'll be running a gaming article in Legends again next issue for the first time in a while. Considering Legends was founded on AD&D role playing, I think this will be a good one. We'll be focusing on the gaming aspects of "Surprise, Initiative and Morale."

Derek returns with his second part in the Polishing of Metal series, "Genesis." That's all we'll have in the music genre in the month of November. We'll have a full page piece from Joey Hand inside followed by a humor article called "Computer Terms." And even a heart-warming piece as well.

So I hope to see you next month. For those interested, after I finish this issue (done in 1 day!) I'm going to start working on the Pan Pages ( This, however, will have to wait until I finish coughing up these blasphemous lung fragments (I should be resting due to illness). So see you around and enjoy this year's Hallow's Eve!

Marcus Pan - Editor
September 18 @ 9:01PM