Editor's Notes

This is the second month in a row I'm releasing Legends. Pretty amazing, eh? But this month is special. At the end of this month is Hallow's Eve (need I say more).

I spent the day home sick today and just recently woke up (5PM) and, frankly, I feel like Hell in a hand basket. But due to the extreme dedication which I possess, here I am working on the next issue of Legends (sigh). My work is never done.

Well, this month we debut Derek McDonald's new series, "The Polishing of Metal." A finely researched and in-depth series on the start and continuance of Metal rock. I hope you find it interesting enough to look forward to the next installment next month.

Also this month is another reprint from Bob Gourley on the musical group "New Order." You'll find one of Resist's flyers floating around inside and some more cyber-geek stuff as well; "If Operating Systems Were Beers," "How Internet Works." I have lots of reprints to run out so you may see the size of issues grow.

That's about it this time kiddies. Peace and love…

Marcus Pan, Editor
September 18, 1996 @ 4:59PM