By Marcus Pan

You’ve done it again kids…read through another issue. This one ended up a little long, but that’s a good thing. It’s all good. Hope you enjoyed it.

I’m not going to bore you with sneak peeks at what to expect, at least not in detail. You can, however, expect some more Calamity Corner, more humor and Part 4 of “The Polishing of Metal.” That’s all I’m going to say, mostly because I haven’t done the layout for No. 67 yet. So deal with that.

Well, hope you all weathered the Winter well. Mother Earth is waking up now, as of yesterday, the 22nd of March (Spring Equinox). The story about Spring starting last Wednesday is a load of bull.

So, guess I’ll see y’all next month. Don’t forget to come see me online! Talk to you later!

Marcus Pan
March 23, 4:24 in the A.M.
Just about 3 hours since starting.
Methinks my production time is pretty damn good.