Editor's Notes

Hiya kids! How long’s it been? Five months since you’ve held a copy of Legends Magazine in your hands. An issue hasn’t been released since October, 1996. But with this issue I hope to change all that. I’ve seemed to have settled in with all personal issues, both the move, new family and all that and the web sites (up to four since last you’ve read) are moving along just fine.

Now for some shameless self-promotion. For those of you that have access to the World Wide Web, you might remember that Legends Magazine Online was tucked away as a section in the Pan Pages. A separate section, yes, but still part of the Pan Pages. Since the last issue of Legends, the Pan Pages has grown too huge to be run off of IDT’s Tribeca server any longer. So I’ve moved it to a new host on a sponsorship deal with ZenWeb. And in the process of moving it, Legends Magazine Online, I’m proud to say, has become its own entity. The address of the Pan Pages has been changed to, and Legends has its own site at The Pan Pages boasts an average of 3000 visitors per week while Legends Online has its share of around 750/week. Also, I’ve opened up two new sites. The Fusion Fighters ( is a site dedicated to Kali Descent players and I hope to expand it into an international gaming league complete with member rosters, player information and game screen shots. Right now, Fusion Fighters is in it’s infancy. It’s pretty much sat for about a month while I dedicated work to my fourth and newest site, Surreal RAYn ( You’ll notice me pushing this site heavy as I hope it will become my pilot site for 1997. This site is a gallery of computer rendered and surrealistic artwork. The clincher is they are all originals from the artists themselves, who have total control over their galleries. It boasts artist’s biographies, notes on themselves and even descriptions and inspirations behind each of their pictures. I think Surreal RAYn will be my biggest site, so check it out! All are now controlled under the Inferno Publishing name. This is a recent happening.

Inferno Publishing is now offering advertising space, both electronically on any one of my web sites and hard copy in Legends Magazine and other Inferno Publishing publications (which I hope to have coming soon). I also hope to provide downloadable DOC files of the entire magazine (almost) as well on Legends Magazine Online. As of now, these will most likely be Word documents, so you’ll need Word for Windows (or a viewer) to use them. Maybe, if demand is high, in the future I’ll add RTF rich text files and possible Adobe Acrobat PDF files as well. We’ll see shortly. This will be the first time I am doing this. I also hope to eventually have the entire archive of back issues available in this format as well as I am striving for a true paperless office. We’ll see how it goes.

Ok, enough with the shameless acts of self-promotion and all that. This issue, Derek McDonald returns with his third part in the “Polishing of Metal” series. I’ve had a lot of comments on this series, both good and bad. Most people either love it or hate it…not many in between. Wish some of them would grow the balls to write in, though. We also have some more original work from Calamity Corner. Calamity explains to us how “The Shit Hits the Fan” has evolved into a modern phrase. Be sure to look real closely…Calamity is an artist of the Mad Magazine type and tends to hide a lot of his best jokes throughout the cartoon. I have more from Calamity for future issues as well. I also decided to rant a bit in “Where’s the Help?” a new editorial series I plan on calling Pan’s Ponderings. So go ahead and read through. I hope you like this issue. This is the first time I’m using Word rather than Q&A Write, so I hope it comes out ok. Seems to be so far. Enjoy folks, and I’ll see you on the back page (and in the ponderings as well).

Marcus Pan
March 23, 1:26 in the A.M.