Pan’s Ponderings Number 1
“Where’s the Help?”

By Marcus Pan

First, let me prepare you. This is not going to be your typical editorial. Not only have I ‘prepared’ myself by using chemical means with which to achieve ‘a higher consciousness,’ but this particular subject has been festering in my brain for some time. Therefore, this will not be your particular rant. If you’re still interested in reading my complaints, read on. Hope it at least comes out somewhat amusing.

Ok, let’s begin the rant. Today we will be discussing the fact that this zine is once again, and frankly has been for some time, a Pan-only production. Why this has occurred I don’t know. I vividly remember Ace telling me when Legends Magazine had its start. As a matter of fact, he was with me when work began on No. 1 back in October of 1990. We were in my parent’s basement really late one night. I started on the body and layout while he started on the cover art. That issue ended up being all mine…I still have yet to see the cover art for No. 1 he was supposed to be working on. Ace did eventually send me a few articles and actually did do one of the covers (maybe had some work on a few), but that’s about it. That’s sad to me considering he was supposed to be doing Legends Magazine with me.

I’ve had others. Jaken Steele was a big help for some time. He even held the post of Assistant Editor on two occasions, but his work and input suddenly dwindled. Now that I think about it, his company has dwindled. I saw him once so far this year. Everyone who has promised to really help me build this magazine has gone the way of the wind (which, at this time of year, is usually southward).

People have come and gone. And the sad part is, it happens even when I get promises of future work. Ace is supposed to be working on a new cover. Dozer is supposed to be working on a new cover. ErricZ is too. And let’s throw in the writers, too. Harri was supposed to submit some of his poetry and where the hell is Steele’s “Last Warrior” series? And then, just to mix things up a bit, everyone wants to criticize work. MacBoy doesn’t like Derek’s “Polishing of Metal” series. Why? Oh, he’s got a lot of reasons. I asked him to write it down so I can print it. He liked the idea. I have yet to see it (and this was about six months ago).

Ok, I think I’m done. The moral of this story? Those that promised covers and work, get it in here! Dungeon masters, let’s see some campaign running advice! New rules, ideas, etc. Those that like to write poetry. Let’s see it! And with four web sites going and a new family (not to mention this zine), it would be nice if I can get an assistant editor to help me out every now and then! And, of course, distribution is also important. Make copies of the zine! Give it to your friends! Make a few copies and drop it on a flyer table in your local library or university! Let’s get it out there! And if you’re one of the ones who said you have something forthcoming, prove it!

I’m done…thanks for ranting with me!