Press Release
Inferno Publishing Releases Advertising Prices

April 8, 1997

InfernoInferno publishing, in looking to expand their business especially in the online arena, have finally released a price structure for advertising following a notice a couple weeks ago announcing that advertising is available. With rising hit rates and increasing usage, these sites offer a spectacular opportunity to advertise your product, service or web site to thousands of people each week. The average weekly hit rates, including last week’s record-breaking statistics, show the following calculated over the past two months of time:

Site : Average Front Hits/Week : Average Inside Hits/Week
The Pan Pages : 3055 : 14,001
Legends Online : 569 : 2616
Fusion Fighters : 398 : 704
Surreal RAYn : 387 : 648

The pricing structure was finalized, says president of Inferno Publishing Marcus Pan, after last week’s statistics were in showing a record-breaking week for the Pan Pages (6076 hits), Legends Online (1109 hits) and the Fusion Fighters (596). In addition to the announced advertising availability on the sites’ pages themselves, also now available is advertising on Pan’s Extreme List, an adult-oriented e-mail service, which currently serves over 600 people internationally; as well as on Pan’s Hot List, a collection of links to other sites and pages around the World Wide Web. The hardcopy edition of Legends Magazine is also open to advertisers as well.

“These price rates are not written in stone,” says Pan, “as I am more than willing to work out a deal with any potential advertiser. More important to me than the money earned is the service or product of the advertiser. If I feel the product or service that wishes to advertise on the sites [or elsewhere] is not what my readers would be interested in, I won’t accept the contract. It wouldn’t be fair to the advertiser who would be paying for the ineffective ad nor my readership who have to see them.”

The released price structure is as follows:

Pan Pages Front - $200.00/month
Pan Pages Link List - $150.00/month
Legends Online Front, Fusion Fighter Front, Surreal RAYn Front, Pan Pages Section Lists -$ 100.00/month
Pan’s Hot List - $25.00/month
Any Other WWW Pages - $50.00/month
Legends Magazine - $25.00/month
Pan’s Extreme List - $5.00/Letter (+$5.00 if an attachment/catalog is included)

Hoping to utilize the income from advertising to expand and further enhance the operations of Inferno Publishing, it is not expected that advertising will provide enough of a cash flow on which to make a profit. “For once I would just like to break even,” says Pan. “Eight years of making nothing is plenty.”

About Inferno Publishing
Inferno Publishing has been in existence for seven years since 1989 as a non-profit, personal publishing house that distributed Marcus Pan’s writing, AD&D modules and related works. Now undergoing a major expansion and change that began in April, 1997, Pan hopes to change Inferno Publishing into a for-profit proprietorship that specializes in Web design and advertising. Hallmark productions Inferno Publishing is known for include: Legends Magazine, Monsters in the Attic and Clash of the Titans (D&D: Only a Game?).

About Legends Magazine
Legends Magazine has been in publish since 1990 and is one of the longest-running fanzines in the country. Popular in the Penzic, SCA (Society for Creative Acronisms) and RenFair societies for its Dungeons and Dragons game-playing specialization, it has grown to encompass a radical outlook on humor, technology, politics and, of course, role playing games. Legends Magazine debuted its online version on the World Wide Web late in 1995 and has grown steadily more popular within the Internet community.