Editor's Notes

Welcome everyone to Legends No. 67. This issue almost didn’t make it out in May, following a major equipment failure I had to deal with (see Press Release - Inferno Publishing Suffers Major Hardware Failure in this issue). This issue marks the first time I will be turning my attention from producing hardcopy issues and turning more towards electronic means of distribution (see Press Release - Inferno Publishing to Release Less on HardCopy also in this issue). I will be putting up a corporate headquarters site in the near future for Inferno Publishing that will have services from design & distribution to HTML coding and layout. Who knows what will happen? But considering I’m a Celtic, a staunch believer in protecting Mother Earth and a techno-geek to top it all off, the Internet will become the major driving force behind future issues of Legends Magazine. Hardcopy issues will still be available to all submitters, and subscriptions will still be offered, of course. But for subscriptions I’ve upped the price of each issue to $5.00 to make up for rising printing and mailing costs and to further get people involved in getting their own Adobe Acrobat PDF version from Legends Online instead. After all, the PDF version looks exactly exactly like the hardcopy, contains all the art & spacers and the reader is also available at the web site. And it’s free. I’m hoping this will further my efforts to reduce hardcopy production.

This issue debuts a new fantasy poet with The Hanging Tree by Dmun. I also am trying my hand a different kind of fiction with this months debut of Part One of The Institute, a story of erotic fantasy. In the future I will be bringing forth more fantasy and game playing items to help push Legends Magazine back to its roots more. I also hope to open up Albinor to players, both in person and possibly Internet RPGers via Internet Relay Chat. So there’s a lot of things going on (as usual) from web sites to Internet distribution to the return of Albinor as one of the most detailed, controlled and largest campaigns in the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons gaming community.

So read on, and I hope you enjoy what you see. There’s a lot of changes afoot and I’ll be rolling out more and more projects. Unfortunately in light of all these new happenings, one of my most popular projects, the Fusion Fighters (an international Kali Descent league) will be disbanded due to time constraints and the like (see Press Release - Inferno Publishing Closes Fusion Fighter Project in this issue). And to all advertisers, it’s available all over on all Inferno sites (and publications), so drop me a line! If you need help with putting your business on the Web, I can do that too…

Peace, love and all the trimmings (but not the fat!)

Marcus Pan
April 26, 1997 @ 4:08PM