Press Release
Extreme List to Combat Spammers

April 10, 1997

InfernoPan’s Extreme List, an adult-oriented service run by Inferno Publishing, will be blocking use of its mailing list to spammers and other associated mass-mail and junk mail groups. “Pan’s Extreme List will always offer complete anonymity,” says president of Inferno Publishing Marcus Pan, who also handles day-to-day operation and distribution of the list. “The mailing list will never be sold and will always be blocked using blind-copy mailings to any outside sources. The master mailing list itself, currently holding over 625 addresses, will never be viewed outside of Inferno Publishing.” This was following a recent spam by a company who was selling videos and attached a catalog. These were solicted through the Extreme List and after hearing of it Pan immediately notified the solicitor that the list is protected.

Whether or not the recent use of the Extreme list was retrieved from an earlier time before blind-copying was used or if the solicitor somehow stripped the blinded addresses from the header was not known. Future uses of the list by unauthorized individuals for solicitation will be fully retaliated against, says Pan, utilizing anything from privacy suits and litigation to underground means which Pan refused to comment further on. In summing up the subject, Pan has asked that anyone who receives an unsolicited mailing that came via the Extreme List or as a result of such list be forwarded in full to him ( so that investigation and retaliation methods may be pursued (if necessary).

About Inferno Publishing
Inferno Publishing has been in existence for seven years since 1989 as a non-profit, personal publishing house that distributed Marcus Pan’s writing, AD&D modules and related works. Now undergoing a major expansion and change that began in April, 1997, Pan hopes to change Inferno Publishing into a for-profit proprietorship that specializes in Web design and advertising. Hallmark productions Inferno Publishing is known for include: Legends Magazine, Monsters in the Attic and Clash of the Titans (D&D: Only a Game?).