Press Release
Inferno Publishing Closes Fusion Fighter Project

April 12, 1997

InfernoDue to lack of time and interest, Inferno Publishing president Marcus Pan has decided to close down the Fusion Fighters project to better concentrate on other sites and projects including the upcoming Inferno Publishing site which will act as their corporate presence on the World Wide Web. “Descent is a great game,” Pan was saying, “But while the start of the Fusion Fighters was strong at the outset, its interest dwindled. And to run it, I would be required to join games on Kali without playing, just as an observer to record battles and demo shoot-outs. The fun of the game would be lost to me and I haven’t found anyone willing to help me in this so I could occasionally play. The idea behind the Fusion Fighters is a good one in my opinion. If I find the time in the future I will open it back up and restart it. The time required to run such a project, especially considering the scope of Kali Descent gaming right now, would be rather huge.”

Fusion Fighters, an international Kali Descent league that was begun a few months ago, was to be a project of epic proportions. The current limitations on Pan’s time as it is taken over by the Pan Pages, Inferno Publishing, Legends and other occupations have forced the Fusion Fighters website to sit idle for most of this time. The site is expected to be inoperational by the end of this weekend.

The Inferno Publishing site Pan had little to say about. Expected to be a corporate presence and gateway to the sites of Inferno Publishing and to further efforts of awareness of the small company, what it will contain has of yet to be announced. Most netizens expect Pan to get into the designing of clientele websites and other related Internet communications, but Pan refuses to comment on this issue.

About Inferno Publishing
Inferno Publishing has been in existence for seven years since 1989 as a non-profit, personal publishing house that distributed Marcus Pan’s writing, AD&D modules and related works. Now undergoing a major expansion and change that began in April, 1997, Pan hopes to change Inferno Publishing into a for-profit proprietorship that specializes in Web design and advertising. Hallmark productions Inferno Publishing is known for include: Legends Magazine, Monsters in the Attic and Clash of the Titans (D&D: Only a Game?).