Press Release
Inferno Publishing to Release Less on HardCopy

April 7, 1997

InfernoBeginning with the scheduled May release of Legends Magazine No. 67, Inferno Publishing president Marcus Pan has stated that paper-based hardcopy distribution of Inferno’s works will be strongly cut down by as much as 50%. In the efforts of reducing paper waste, usage and with other environmental and monetary considerations, hardcopy issues will be available only to those who have purchased a subscription to the hardcopy issue. “I usually keep at least twenty issues for myself to hand out to people on request, but this practice is becoming time consuming, wasteful and otherwise unwarranted. Starting in May I will have less than ten to hand out.” Pan was stated as saying.

Striving to achieve a more cost-effective, efficient and technologically advanced office, Inferno Publishing will strive for a virtually “paperless office” in which most business documents (excluding some records) will be electronic and therefore more manageable. Utilizing such services as a newly-implemented electronic mail subscription program for the current $2.50/issue rate (issues are electronically mailed directly to the subscriber along with the program needed to view it) and free World Wide Web readable and downloadable versions, Inferno Publishing hopes to eventually cut hardcopy printing down to just a few issues.

In addition, to further cut on paper and printing costs, Inferno Publishing has plans to raise the hardcopy subscription price of Legends Magazine to $5.00/issue as opposed to the current $2.50/issue rate. Pan hopes this rise in hardcopy pricing will eventually eliminate individual hardcopy subscriptions (this excludes syndicates, editors, distributors and current subscription holders) to further push the technological advancement Inferno has achieved and open people up more to the Legends Online website where the full issues can be downloaded free.

About Inferno Publishing
Inferno Publishing has been in existence for seven years since 1989 as a non-profit, personal publishing house that distributed Marcus Pan’s writing, AD&D modules and related works. Now undergoing a major expansion and change that began in April, 1997, Pan hopes to change Inferno Publishing into a for-profit proprietorship that specializes in Web design and advertising. Hallmark productions Inferno Publishing is known for include: Legends Magazine, Monsters in the Attic and Clash of the Titans (D&D: Only a Game?).

About Legends Magazine
Legends Magazine has been in publish since 1990 and is one of the longest-running fanzines in the country. Popular in the Penzic, SCA (Society for Creative Acronisms) and RenFair societies for its Dungeons and Dragons game-playing specialization, it has grown to encompass a radical outlook on humor, technology, politics and, of course, role playing games. Legends Magazine debuted its online version on the World Wide Web late in 1995 and has grown steadily more popular within the Internet community.