Press Release
Inferno Publishing Suffers Major Hardware Failure

April 9, 1997

InfernoShortly after the announcement that Inferno Publishing is seeking to cut down on paper usage and create as close to a “paperless office” (see Press Release - Inferno Publishing to Release Less on HardCopy dated April 7, 1997) as efficiently possible, the computer used for day-to-day business and record keeping suffered a major failure resulting in the loss of important records including articles and literature for Legends Magazine, future features on the Pan Pages, future images for Pan’s Extreme List, three years of financial data and all the writings of Marcus Pan.

“Recovery from this loss will be long and hard,” stated Marcus Pan, president of Inferno Publishing, “But I believe it is possible. Of course, there are some items that are irreplaceable that must be started from scratch such as financial records, Legends articles and the like.” The company has already begun recovery methods, already replacing the writings of Marcus Pan and beginning searches for Pan Pages articles and Legends Magazine articles as well as Extreme images. Further recovery methods were stated as expected to take a long while, but Pan doesn’t feel this will effect most of the day-to-day operations of the company as these records, such as the infamous Pan’s Dungeon Master’s Notebook, Book of Albinor and Dungeon Books I and II (used for the Albinor AD&D campaign), will not be needed for some time and will be entered as time goes on.

“Legends Magazine 67 is still scheduled to be released in May, 1997,” says Pan, “but the expected articles that were originally planned for the magazine will obviously be replaced. I am planning a ‘submission blitz’ in which I will push harder than ever to get articles from people for printing in Legends following the destruction of all the ones I had on hand for publishing.” Pan has asked individuals such as Dmun, Derek McDonald and Jaken Steele to provide any essays, poetry and/or articles that were wiped out and not printed yet so that Legends can still provide it’s readers with expected releases.

The failure resulted on the evening of April 7, 1997. Cause of the hardware failure is attributed to the installation of a new hard drive to further provide the record-keeping capacity of Inferno’s “paperless office” agenda. The occurrence is the first major hardware failure experienced by Inferno Publishing and is not expected to effect this agenda in any way.

Allusions to the possibility of hiring new temporary staff to perform data entry and related recovery methods was mentioned, but not further identified. Pan would not comment further on this possibility, but admitted that it was there and may occur. This would mark Inferno Publishing’s first hiring, until now being solely owned and operated by Marcus Pan.

About Inferno Publishing
Inferno Publishing has been in existence for seven years since 1989 as a non-profit, personal publishing house that distributed Marcus Pan’s writing, AD&D modules and related works. Now undergoing a major expansion and change that began in April, 1997, Pan hopes to change Inferno Publishing into a for-profit proprietorship that specializes in Web design and advertising. Hallmark productions Inferno Publishing is known for include: Legends Magazine, Monsters in the Attic and Clash of the Titans (D&D: Only a Game?).