Well kids, you've reached the end of yet another issue. It seems that as I put out eadch month's Legends Magazine, they continue to get bigger and bigger. Issue 67, most of you will remember, was 29 pages in length. This month, we've pushed up the envelope to 33! And add to that the fist color cover and frankly we've got ourselves quite a bit of advancement going on in my little zine. Someday maybe I'll be able to go around saying "My magazine," rather than "my zine," but only time will tell.

This month kicked off my coverage of the Farm Funk Festival '97 in Somerset, NJ. A three day concert and festival featuring 35 bands, BMX freestyling competitions, martial arts exhibits, freestyle skating shows and more. I will be camping there the last weekend of May for most of the festival, so swing by and you'll be one of the first to see who this Pan character is. :) On page 21 of this issue is "To Build a Better Mousetrap," which is the first of a series of interviews surrounding this festival. This particular interview was with Mike Jones, head of Better Mousetrap Productions which organized the event. In issue 69 I'll have interviews with Steve Wisbeski of Jump For Joy, the group who has put together the BMX competition for the festival. I'll also speak with the head of Population VI, the group who handled the onsite setup as well as Chris Eissing of Mean Little Man Productions who handled media for the event. And I'll have at least on article on the event itself. So watch for that in issue 69!

Also coming up in issue 69 is part 3 of "The Institute" called "The Planet." And Part 2 of "Golden Oldies." I'll also have some more humor and a ton of other things. And the now-popular Pan's Bookmarks section [which was cut from this issue due to space restrictions] will return. Part 4 of Derek McDonald's "Polishing of Metal" series will also grace its pages. So stay tuned and I hope you enjoyed this issue of Legends. There's plenty more good things to come.

And remember, folks, if you're reading this at the Farm Funk Festival '97, which I will be covering personally as an official member of the media, you be sure to swing by and wave at the Legends tent. Both myself and future assistant editor John Brett will be there, as well as any of my friends and assorted entourage, to greet you and give you a good kick in the ass for brevity's sake. And for anyone who's partaking of various "chemical" recreation, you better be damn sure to come by and share!

That's it kiddies. See you next month with more Farm Funk coverage, continuing music and fiction seris, and a slew of laughs!

Peace, Love and All the Trimmings...(but NOT the FAT!)

Marcus Pan
May 27, 1997 @ 12:51AM