Editor's Notes

Hiya kiddies! It’s been three months in a row following the disappearance of Legends for that six month stretch. I hope that’s something that won’t be repeated. With the way things are going, I don’t see any chance of it. Work’s smoothe, the web sites are kickin’ and good ‘ol Pan is chugging away…Even finding time to swing by alt.gothic these days to bother some old and new friends. So hello to any alt.gothers who happen to be reading this.

Submissions have gone off the wall with some quality work coming in…and a lot of it! You’ll notice the cover art by Chuck Lap III, someone who hasn’t graced the covers of Legends Magazine since way back in issue 56. And I didn’t want to waste all the beautiful inking he’s done on his piece, so I’m proud to display Legends Magazine’s first color cover first color cover…ever. Those of you checking this out on the web or in my downloadable PDF version may not notice this as much, but those that only receive hard-copies of Legends should enjoy this fact very much.

We have the continuing story of The Institute this month with Part 2, which I’ve entitled The Activation. The story was originally written and submitted anonymously, but it was edited to hell and back by yours truly. I feel like it’s partly mine considering all the editing I’ve done, but enough horn-tootin’. Derek McDonald returns with the Polishing of Metal series. Part 3.5, given this name because the original part 3 was somehow split asunder during its last run in Legends 66. But it’s back with The Witchfinder General in this issue.

Two new writers debut in this issue of Legends with Joseph Jabbar’s Cuter Than My Computer which I can classify in no other way than to use the words “poetic rant.” And Gillian G. Mason debuts this month with the first part of Golden Oldies, a cyberpunk thriller story. There’s much to read between the lines in this one, so think about it as you go. Look at the names, follow the inlined plots and see if you can figure out exactly what Mason’s trying to say with this story.

I’m all geared up for the Farm Funk Festival which is happening the last week of May, 97 over in Somerset, NJ. As a matter of fact, you’re probably reading this right now right now at this very show! If you are, be sure to check out To Build a Better Mousetrap in this issue which stemmed from an interview with Mike Jones, the head of Better Mousetrap Productions - the ones responsible for the festival. So enjoy the music if that be the case and be sure to raise a glass to the StealthGoth sneaking about in your midst…

Peace, love and all the trimmings (but not the fat!)…

Marcus Pan
May 22, 1997 @ 1:39AM