Well, kids, you've reached the end of another issue. I did actually manage to make Issue 69 a little shorter in length and therefore a little easier to produce. Hope it was still, to you at least, as good as longer issues from the past.

It's funny how in No. 68 I began coverage of the Farm Funk Festival, which was completed here in 69. Then, this issue, I begin coverage of the Dark Harvest/Sisters of Mercey saga, and hope to complete that next month with 70. I have a commitment to sit down with members of The New Creatures for an interview concerning this, and possibly Sunshine Blind as well (I have a definite commitement form an associate of the band, but not from Caroline yet). So on we go as the music theme in Legends magazine gets stronger and begins to proliferate more.

Also in issue 70, you'll see the conclusion of the warped and twisted "The Institute" series. The ending will shock you! So be sure to pick up Legends No. 70! I'll be running once again, around the middle of July, another chance to get free copies of issue 70 when it comes out just like I did for this one here, so stay tuned. I will, however, try to keep those who got free copies of this issue back as I want to stagger it to all who's interested at a rate of three free issues a month. Besides, the whole hardcopy version is, as always, available in a PDF format on Legends Online for free. It only takes a bit of time to download.

Well, that's it folks. I'll see you next month. Unless, of course, I'm deemed "too gothic" by Uncle Andy and lined up with my friends from alt.gothic and shot in a methodical manner. Tee-hee!

Marcus Pan, Editor
June 26th, 1997 @ 11:03PM