Editor's Notes

Well hello, kiddies. Welcome to Legends No. 69, a special wine me, dine me issue [grin]. This issue we bring the last of the reporting on the Farm Funk Festival which, as you’ve probably heard by now, bellied up the day it was to open. I was on the scene at the time helping with final setting up -- building stages, directing traffic -- that sort of thing when the news came down. You can read my first-hand account (and the only first hand account might I add) in Where’s the Funk in this issue. Also, you can read the Farm Funk Follow-Up detailing conversations and interviews with members involved in the festival.

In the fiction arena, Gillian G. Mason brings Golden Oldies to a close in this issue and the highly-acclaimed and controversial The Institute continues—and only gets more controversial along the way in this month’s part three. Of course, there’s also the music series, Derek McDonald’s The Polishing of Metal, this month as well. So, there should be plenty for everyone. Even Calamity Corner’s back for the ride!

Well kids, I’m going to let you go on and tear through this issue as I’m sure you always do [giggle]. So enjoy. But before I close this set of notes, I want to bring your attention to page 5 where we have a letter from Mark S. Walsh of The New Creatures concerning the recent move by Sisters of Mercy’s move to cut them from the Dark Harvest bill and why. It is reprinted here with full permission from the band, originally posted in alt.gothic when I found it. I thought it would be of interest and I hope to sit down and soon have an electronic interview with Walsh, Dorian Angello and other members of The New Creatures to discuss this further in the near future. By the time you read this, Dark Harvest would have already happened in Philadelphia on June 28 th , but I still hope it would be of interest. Other bands cut were Sunshine Blind and Switchblade Symphony (it was reported just today that Switchblade is back on the bill, but I can’t verify that). Ok all…on with the dinin’!

Marcus Pan, Editor
June 25, 1997 @ 11:26PM