Fantasy & Sci-Fi

The Institute Part 3
"The Planet"

By Anonymous

"How'd she do?" Carmody asked as Garrett led the pliant slavegirl back to her Master.

"Excellent. The computers are still working on the data, but I believe she tested almost 100%...possibly at 100%. As you know, the first tests were for specific memory implants relating to the Institute. Up to 4% of the memories are diagnostic in nature, designed to be easily probed for fidelity. We probed three hundred and fourteen specific memory loci; every one was within the proper response zone. This is highly significant; the probability that she could be faking-or that one of the other, unprobed, loci failed to take is less than 0.00001% on the basis of these probes."

"Good." Lisa sat on Carmody's lap, almost purring with pleasure as he petted her. She listened with interest to the conversation, as if it were about someone else.

"We tested her for obedience. You recall the test procedure?"

"I think so."

"The subject is placed into six different situations, each of which calls for obedience--and each of which has extremely unpleasant consequences for the subject. The first test is what we called the 'kitten test,’ remember?"

"Oh yes..."

"In that test, Lisa was shown a cute little kitten. It was explained that pressing a certain button would result in a horrible and painful death for the kitten; videos were shown to her as demonstrations. They are quite graphic. Once it is established that the subject understands the consequences, she is ordered to press the button. Lisa did so with no hesitation, tears streaming down her face out of empathy for the kitten."

"And the other tests?"

"Escalating in intensity, she passed them all. The final test, as you recall, requires her to kill herself upon command. She did so, placing the revolver in her mouth and pulling the trigger within 0.5 seconds of the command to do so. Of course, the gun was empty; but she didn't know that."


"Yes. We have erased the trauma caused by the testing; she was really quite a mess before we did."

"Anything else?"

"Yes-her submissiveness index is 47.6; higher than we expected. And, in tests of specific Institute-trained skills, she scored 98.4%, out of a possible 100."

"Are there any more tests you want to conduct?"

"Nope. We've proven that Lisa is indeed a graduate of the Institute, with all behaviors and conditioning just as they should be. She is a perfect slave for whom disobedience is not only impossible, it is unthinkable. Her brain state is unlike that of any other human female. It has been processed over a ten-year period by the Institute, using techniques and drugs that do not exist on Earth. She is perfect," Garrett summed up.

"A graduate of an Institute that does not exist," remarked Carmody. "I'm proud of you, dear. You've done well."

"Thank you, Master," Lisa responded, smiling up at his face. "I live only to serve you."

"It's literally true," Garrett commented. "She does live only to serve."

"I know. She's served me well, already-and I have all summer to explore the depth of her service," Carmody said.

"Uh, and your other...subject?"

"You mean Jenny? I plan to give her the implant tonight. Why?"

"Just curious. Will you allow me to do diagnostics on her when the implant takes?"


"Fine. Bring her to the lab whenever it's convenient."

Jenny was there, the following day, dressed similarly to Lisa. She was just as deeply enslaved. Carmody had brought the pair, and it was incredible to see the two fawning and clinging to him. Carmody gave Jenny the keyword and told her that Garrett was her other Master. She then went off for the diagnostic tests.

Several weeks went past, and Carmody was clearly pleased with the results of the implant. Both Jenny and Lisa were his devoted slaves, and he clearly enjoyed the power he held over these two.

Carmody invited Garrett over on Friday nights. On the third Friday, there were several more girls. Like Lisa and Jenny, they exhibited full Institute training. They curtseyed meekly, begging to serve their Masters. Carmody grinned at Garrett's surprise. "These are friends of Jenny's, from her college," he told him.

"God, Howard, why so many?"

"I've always wanted a harem; now I have one."

"What about their parents?"

"The mothers have had the implant," he explained patiently. "They will do exactly as I command. The fathers know nothing--and will remain ignorant--of their daughters' new lives." Carmody introduced the new girls. "This is Wendy," he said, indicating a breathtakingly-beautiful young asian. "This is Illissa," he said, proudly indicating a slight redhead. Julie was a lovely blonde. Finally, Carmody introduced Cindy. Her face was striking, angelic, framed by soft brown hair. Carmody grinned. "Pick two."

Garrett didn't understand, at first. "Huh?"

"Pick two. You can have any two for the night. Pick."

"Er...well, I suppose Cindy and Wendy, no Illissa."

They ran to his side, clinging and cuddling. "Please let us serve you, Master," they begged.

Weeks went by. Things in the lab settled down to a routine. Carmody used the implant to add several more women to his "stable". His appetite seemed to be insatiable; Garrett wondered when he would have enough.

Garrett, meanwhile, was busy in the lab going over data from diagnostic tests on the girls and such. Carmody called him finally, one afternoon. "Meet me for lunch; I have a new implant idea,” Carmody told him.

They met in Carmody's executive lunchroom. Over lunch, Carmody explained. "You understand the concept of the Virtual Institute, he began."


"How about a virtual planet?’"


"Envision a planet where human beings evolved…differently."

"Go on."

"On this planet, evolutionary forces resulted in females evolving to be totally obedient to males. And I mean totally. For a female to disobey a male is to die."

"Evolution does that? How?"

"Who cares? We programmed it into the simulator and let it run genetic algorithms until the right genome emerged. It's a boundary condition. If you like, imagine God watching every person; when a female disobeys a male, lightning strikes her instantly and leaves nothing but a greasy spot on the ground. It doesn't matter; that's the beauty of it. Over thousands of generations, no matter what the forcing mechanism is, you get obedient females. They're bred for obedience and total submissiveness. The others died out. The ones who lived--who survived--passed on their obedience. The ones now--after thousands of generations--have obedience deeply programmed into the structure of their brains--by the DNA. How? Who cares? They obey-because their flesh has been trained to know that disobedience equals death."

"All right. I get it."

"Also, any female who does not 'bind' to a male master by age 18 dies. Once bound, a female is the total slave of the male dominant for life. She becomes his property--his body slave; she thinks of herself as a slave, and this is right, and just, and proper--the only conceivable way of being."


"The reaction is instantaneous and overwhelming; you should see the simulations of a newly-bound fem. And the degree of obedience is incredible: if a male tells a female she is a fish, she'll happily drown herself trying to breathe water. They'll gladly kill themselves--or anyone--at the Master's slightest command."

"Sort of a super-Institute treatment."

"While we're at it, let's add some features to these females. For example, retractable teeth. Saliva with the consistency of KY jelly. And we'll change the sex ratio: out of 100 live births, 99 will be female."

"Anything else?"

"A couple of things. Extreme beauty, of course. No ugly or fat girls anymore. And no obvious outward aging after age 18."

"Wow. Is it possible?"

"Not only possible, here's the implant." Carmody withdrew a vial of powder from his pocket.

"But I thought the implant worked on memories--the mind."

"You’ve programmed the nanos, James. You should know they can re-arrange DNA just as easily as the mind."


"Come with me; I want to show you something."

He led Garrett to the lab. Standing at one of the lab benches was a beautiful girl. “Susie, this is Mr. Garrett," said Carmody.