The Sisters of No Mercy

I'm afraid that I have some unhappy news which I also find confusing and disturbing.

Andrew Eldrich has cancelled The New Creatures, Sunshine Blind and Switchblade Symphony from the opening slots for the show in Philly on the 28th. The reason? In Andrew's words, "They look too Gothic..."

Andrew Eldrich himself picked all of the opening bands based on their music and only a few days ago decided to click on our web pages and based on how the pages and the photos of the bands looked decided that we are all "too Gothic" to share the same stage with him.

Andrew also stated, "I hate g*th and g*ths, and anything to do with the scene." (That's right, he won't even spell out the word!)

Patrick Rodgers from Dancing Ferret Concerts has tried everything in his power to reinstate the 3 bands in the opening slots, but to no avail, as he is met with "I don't care" and "it's not my problem" from AE.

Yes, Patrick has told him that we are all fans of his music, that we all saw this as a huge break for our careers.

When Patrick asked Eldrich how they might compensate the 3 opening bands for this loss of business his exact response was, "Put their heads on fucking pikes in front of the venue!" This is a direct quote.

Just so you know, AE considers Sisters of Mercy an "Industrial-Alternative" act and wants to "distance himself" from a scene that he claims to have nothing to do with!

How does this make you feel? I know that I would love to open his eyes to the fact that we are in charge of our careers as well and don't want to stand for someone telling us what we are or are not.

We would also like to play the show despite all this because I consider what Andrew has done as damaging to the careers and reputations of the 3 bands involved, and this is how he could make it right. I would also like Andrew Eldrich to know that he is essentially "shooting himself in the foot" with comments and actions such as these. To try to turn you back on your supporters, to tell thousands of your fans that they are wrong, to bite the hand that feeds you, all in the name of expanding your potential earning base is mean spirited and wrong. It is nothing more than a power trip move from someone who is actually hurting himself and others with this insane carelessness.

Is this "sour grapes" on my part because I got burned from the show? No, that part was heartbreaking. This is about me and you taking a stand against a (past) musical hero who hates all of us.

Do you realize that it was the opening bands and their labels who paid for all of the newspaper advertising that you've seen, a stipulation of being an opener? And only after all the advertising has ran, AE cancels the bands! Does this sound ethical? Will you stand for this? Will you support this kind of person? I will not.

Do you have something to say about all of this? If so, please e-mail Patrick Rodgers at Dancing Ferret Concerts as he has assured me that he will forward all comments to Andrew Eldrich via e-mail. He is at: Support our bands and our scene! Speak up for them and speak up for yourself!

Mark S. Walsh
The New Creatures

Editor's Note: The staff and affiliates of Inferno Publishing have decided against attending Dark Harvest in Philladelphia this year for the reason outlined above. We are outraged at the treatment of up and coming talent whose future depend on events like Dark Harvest and the blatant backstabbing he has done to the gothic scene by his statements.