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More On Avengers

By Marcus Pan

Avengers also gain "weapons of choice" as Cavaliers:

1. 1st level - plus 1 with lance
2. 3rd level - plus 1 with broad sword, long sword, or scimitar
3. 5th level - plus 1 with horseman's mace, horseman's flail or horseman's military pick
4. 7th level - plus 2 with lance
5. 9th level - plus 2 with broad sword, long sword, or scimitar
6. 11th level - plus 2 with horseman's mace, horseman's flail or horseman's military pick
7. 13th level - plus 3 with lance

The above bonuses increase in similar fashion. The bonuses apply to hit rolls only, not damage. Only one of the 3 & 5 level weapons can be used (player's choice) (i.e. choice of broad sword, long sword, or scimitar, etc.). With weapons of choice, multiple attacks can be made as if 5 levels higher. At 16th level, 3 attacks can be made per round.

Instead of attacking, an Avenger may wish to parry. This can be done with weapons of choice only, and all the character's to-hit bonuses (strength, magic, weapon of choice, etc.) are subtracted from the attacker's die roll.

Attacks from horseback are made as if the Avenger were one level higher than actual level.

Avengers are immune to fear, and have a 90% resistance to mind-affecting attacks such as: beguiling, charm, domination, hold, hypnosis, magic jar, possession, sleep, suggestion, and the psionic mind attack known as psionic blast. They save at plus 2 against all illusions and phantasms (in addition to the aforementioned plus 2 to all saving throws).

Lastly, Avengers can increase their charisma scores by rolling D% for every level gained. For ever 100% rolled, charisma goes higher one point. I.E. An Avenger rolls 75%, and adds this to his charisma score so it becomes 17/75%. This does not affect the score, as it is 17. When gaining another level, another D% is rolled and rolls up 50%. This characters new score then becomes 18/25% and is now effectively an 18 charisma.