By Marcus Pan


I'm paying good money to take this class,
You better answer my questions or I'll kick your ass.
I'm not in the mood for your deferred answers,
Instructors like you are a political cancer.
The next time you try this shit, you better be cautious,
The pressure in my head is making me nauseous.
Any moment now my brain will crack,
And when it does I'm gonna break your back.


The flowcharts are a bitch, they're drivin' me insane,
I feel like a vice-grip is holding my brains,
Every time I go to another day of school,
You don't teach shit, you must think I'm a fool.
When it comes to teaching you ain't going so far,
Get your act together or I'll blow up your car.
Get this straight, boy, I tell no lies,
But very soon I'll have to make you cry.

You tried to get away but you were caught in the back.
You tried to get away but your students attacked.
You tried to get away but didn't make it so far.
You tried to get away but I blew up your car.

You wanna know what happened to my mind?
It cracked with all the pressure you crammed inside.
You drove me nuts, you drove me insane.
C'mer motherfucker, gonna blow out your brains.


Yeah, I'm the type of student that's built to last.
You fuck with me, I'll shine my shoes up your ass.
I don't give a fuck cuz' I keep payin'.
Yo…what the fuck are they sayin'?

Realize reality, I pay your salary.
I pay your salary so realize reality.