This issue has turned out to be rather longer than expected, which is becoming more and more of a common practice as I put out Legends. But I’m happy that it happened in this particular issue. I have readied envelopes to send a lot of copies to some great friends in alt.gothic. So I’m glad that the issue I have to present them with has come out so well.

This issue closes the Dark Harvest III coverage I planned. Coming up in the future we’ll see an interview with Mean Little Man Productions. Also, Gillian G. Mason will soon return with another of his fantasy thrillers. Plenty of humor and more laughs are coming your way. Even the likes of Calamity Corner will return soon. And Chuck Lapp III is due to grace some future covers with more original artwork.

I’m sure you’ll all be happy to know that my legs are just beginning to feel normal again after the horrible (yet fun) pummeling they took at Van’s Warped Tour. And you’ll also be happy to note that I wasn’t dropped on my head while there; an occurrence not wholly welcomed at the D-Generation/Offspring concert in New York City the previous Saturday. I may still write a “Warped Review” or something of that nature, though calling it a “review” would be misleading. It would probably turn out more like a humorous “day in the pits” type of rant. Maybe I’ll sit down and do that tomorrow or Wednesday.

Also, I’m working on possibly creating an “Alt.Gothic Special Issue.” I already have submissions from Nicolai, JohnnieB, Loki, Lasky and Knightmare for use in the future, so I figured I’d bundle them together in one issue. That remains to be seen, however, and is only an idea I’m tossing around in my head. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. But, needless to say, I have plenty more to keep Legends going for a long time. I hope everyone enjoys reading these as much as I enjoy creating them. Legends Magazine has grown into something that is more than I can claim. It’s owned by all of the people who read it, write to it, submit to it…it’s a communal magazine now and all I do is put everything together in one piece. It’s people like you, who read and submit to me your own stories, poems and more that makes it possible for this magazine to continue on.

And continue on we will, kiddies. Legends No. 100 is just around the next dark stretch of highway. Hey…you want to see something scary?

Peace, Love and ALL the trimmings (but not the FAT)!!!

Marcus Pan, Editor
July 29, 1997 @ 1:53AM