Editor's Notes

Welcome friends to the 70th issue of Legends Magazine! I’m proud to be releasing this issue, stepping ever closer to the big 100th issue of Legends. I have no intentions of stopping before then and have plenty of things to offer you in the future.

RRCAFeatures in this issue include the long-awaited interviews with Dancing Ferret Concerts and the bands SunShine Blind and The New Creatures. The three groups (Patrick Rodgers, Caroline Blind and Mark Walsh are representing them in respective order) have agreed to an exclusive interview with me following the horrendous actions of Andrew “Not Goth” Eldritch at the now-infamous Dark Harvest III festival in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this past June 28 th . I’m very happy to bring you this exclusive interview, most of which was performed electronically, to answer many questions surrounding this event. I hope my reporting will shed some light on what occurred there. I’ve aptly named the interview “A Too Gothic Interview.”

Also in this issue is the closing chapter of “The Institute.” Once again, might I remind those that already know, and notify those that are new to the magazine, that contrary to popular beliefI did not write that story. I printed the story because it was, well, scary. “Carmody’s Conclusion” will shock you!

Less Than JakeAlso, Derek McDonald returns with his higly-acclaimed series, “The Polishing of Metal.” I’m proud to bring you Part 5, “Maturity.” I also wanted to take a moment to let you all know that there is an even more-updated version of the entire series (Derek is constantly performing new research and editing the finished product) available at the website of the Rock Record Collectors Association (R.R.C.A.). You can reach them by entering into your World Wide Web browser. The RRCA is a non commercial/Non-profit club dedicated to the needs of record collectors around the world. The Polishing of Metal series is available under the link “History of Heavy Metal.”

I’m writing this while I can still feel my body stiffening up from the onslaught of Van’s Warped Tour ’97. Me and some good people managed to make it out there this past Saturday (July 26 th ) and had one hell of a good time. If you’re into punk/ska, I would like to suggest you check out an up and coming band that I thoroughly enjoyed. They’re called “Less Than Jake.” They threw out a kick-ass set for us skankers in the pit, and my hat and adoration goes off in their direction. So swing by and check out their website at If you like ska, even a little, and are looking to find a band that take the music genre back to it’s roots, you owe it to yourself to check out Less Than Jake!

Welp, that’s all I have to say at least until the back page kiddies. So read on and enjoy this issue.

Marcus Pan, Editor
July 28, 1997 @ 11:03PM