Fantasy & Sci-Fi

The Institute Part 4
"Carmody’s Conclusion"

By Anonymous

"Hello, Master. How may I serve you?" Susie sat apprehensively on the bench, smiling at her Master.

"She's not of the Institute," Carmody said. "She's had the new treatment. Susie is—was--my daughter's friend from college. Now she's a New Girl." To Susie, he said, "Stand up and face us." She did. "Do you know what's happened to you?" Howard asked her.

"Yes, Master. You chose me to be a New Girl."

"How do you feel about it?"

"It's wonderful!" she bubbled. "I love love being a New Girl! It's so much nicer than being just a girl..."

"Why is that?"

"I feel feminine," she said. "I love my body--the way it feels when I move. And I love being Mastered, having a Master to love and serve, a Master to tell me what to do! My old life was so...uncertain. Now I know just what I must do to serve my Lord. My life has a Purpose; serving and obeying my Master. "

"The body is full of endorphins," commented Carmody. "She does love the way her body's like a full-time, low-level, whole-body orgasm. She's been this way since yesterday; I gave her the implant two days ago.”

"And no other training?"

"None, beyond a very thorough workout in my bed." Susie giggled and blushed at this.

"I was born to serve my Master's body, and minister to all his needs," she murmured.

"Does she have the physical changes you mentioned?"

"Sure. "


"Yeah. Did I mention the genetic changes breed true? Her daughters will all have the same mods."

"Her daughters?"

"Yes; remember what I said about the male-to-female ratio."

"Oh, yeah. What's the point of that?"

Carmody smiled obliquely. Instead of answering directly, he said, "I was thinking of dumping it in the reservoir."

"In the..."

"It'd infect every female in the area. Did I mention this one's infectious? Anyone who ingests it becomes a virulent carrier. Vectored on the air and by any form of contact. Males won't be affected, but become carriers. The machines say the whole planet will be transformed in a month."

"Jesus. Howard, I can't allow it. Do you understand what you're talking about? It would mean the end of the human race!"

"No. Just human females. And their replacements would be...better...than human females. No need for an Institute to train them; their obedience would be programmed in by genetics and evolution. Joyously happy in serving their owners, just like Susie. They'd be...perfect...And the sex ratio, well, don't you see it's critical? I envision a new race, with a small number of males controlling loving herds of females. A hundred to one sounded about right. So every male will have dominion over one hundred or so of these New Girls, females who will live to obey his every command."

"And I suppose you and I would each have our hundred girls, too, eh?"

"Did I mention the over-ride?"


"Yeah. Once bound, a female is bound for life...but there is a single Master capable of over-riding this binding and taking that female. That, of course, would be me."

"What about me?"

"Yes, well, I was getting to that. It's difficult for me, James, after all the hard work and your support and all...but I believe it's for the best. I can't have you interfering in my work, you know."

"What are you talking about?"

"It was in the wine you just drank. A special implant, just for you. It'll take all night to work, but the preliminary effects are quite rapid. One moment."

He nodded to Susie, and she picked something up from the lab bench. It was a triangle, a musical instrument. Smiling sweetly, she tapped it once with a stirring rod. "Ting!"

"There. Sorry about that. But hearing that particular note, well, as you are probably discovering, you cannot speak or move. Unless at my command. In a few moments, I'll drive you home. Please don't look at me that way; it is really quite distressing. I imagine you're wondering what the implant will do to you. I suppose I should let you know. Tomorrow, when you awaken, you'll be the second of the New Girls; Susie and you will be the first of the evolution-optimized females we discussed. The nano's can do a sex change easily; that should be obvious. And they'll reset your age to around 16. I could have wiped your memory. But I decided not to. You'll remember your past life--including being male. You'll even remember your last meal as a male...and our little talk here. But you'll be my bound servant, and you'll serve just as eagerly as the others. I've combined the genetics of both Lisa and Jenny; you'll be sort of a combination of the two delightful women. I'll be there in the morning to bind you. And you'll grow up, all over again, this time under my my firm-- but loving--control."

Carmody stood. "All right, James. You can move but only to follow my commands. You still can't talk. We're going to walk to my car now. By the time we reach your place, I imagine you'll be feeling the headache and other symptoms. You'll sleep, James--and when you wake up, it'll be to a new life in a new world. You can thank me then--and you will, won't you, being a grateful and loving little slave?"