Open Letter From Sunshine Blind

“So ya, thought ya, might like to, go to the show...
To feel the warm thrill of confusion, that space cadet glow...
I've got some bad news for you SUNSHINE...” - Pink Floyd

“Thou shall not worship false GOTHS...” - CHQ

As usual, some details of what has happened have been twisted by the “telephone wire” effect of people repeating them. I (Caroline Blind) would like to put down the facts as I know them.

On June 11th, after days of false rumors and waiting, we were told by Patrick Rodgers of Dancing Ferret Concerts that our music had been submitted and finally approved and finally approved by the Sisters of Mercy Camp. We were to be one of three bands opening. With the official word of the Promoter, we made plans to be there. We would have to drive straight from San Francisco to Philadelphia, because we had a show in San Jose on the 21st, and the festival (Yes, festival festival, not “Sisters Show”) fell on the 28th of June. Even though we have been on the road since April 12th, we couldn't turn down the opportunity, and we all made arrangements to be on the road for at least another 3 weeks.

Our record company, Energy Records, spent a nice chunk of change on advertising the show with our name in the ad.

We left San Francisco on Sunday, June 22, and started driving.

On Monday, we were in Salt Lake City, and I called Energy to check in, as I do everyday on the road. I was told there was a problem and to call Patrick Rodgers. I called Patrick and he told me the following:

One June 22, only eleven days after confirming our music, Andrew Eldritch saw a picture of us on the Internet, and immediately had us pulled, along with New York band the New Creatures, off the bill, claiming we looked looked too goth goth, and he isn't having anything to do with Goth any more. He was quite adamant about this, and I learned from other people that he made references like that he would weed everyone of “them” out of his audience if he could, and something to the effect that he would rather see us beheaded than play a show with us.

Pleasantries coming from a man we've never met. I'm glad his book was never judged by the cover...

I asked Patrick R. what was to be done. He said there was nothing. Patrick offered to have us modify our musical choices, but the problem was not in the music, our musics were fine. Patrick offered to have us modify our clothing choices, but it was unacceptable. These two bands were off. (Note: not that we really really would have changed our music or dress for him!!!)

I will add here, that some of you think Switchblade Symphony were cut as well. switchblade symphony has not switchblade symphony has not been cut from the bill. they will be opening this show. been cut from the bill. they will be opening this show.

In trying to compensate Energy records for their loss of advertising money, Patrick Rodgers agreed to submit other bands from Energy records to fill our spot. Hanzel and Gretyl were submitted, and rejected and rejected outright by MR. Eldritch, but another Energy band, Heavy Water Factory Heavy Water Factory has been approved. Heavy Water Factory IS not not SunShine Blind under an assumed name, but that's a good idea...)

So the final final (we hope) line up for the show will be:

Tapping the Vein (Doesn't sound like a goth band at all...)
Heavy Water Factory
Switchblade Symphony
Sisters Of Mercy

That's all. We drove home from Salt Lake City, 400 gallons of gas for nothing. Had he just rejected us outright, we could have just stayed home...I wish we had, it's been a long time since we've been here, and as we sit on Ocean Beach here in San Francisco, with our feet in the surf, we know we are as far as you can get on dry land away from that Bitter Godfather of Goth.

Our consolation? That John Paul will have an easier time shedding his title as Pope than Andrew Eldritch will ever have shedding his title as “goth goth.” Especially as long as he keeps the name “Sisters of Mercy.” If he wants a new direction, give up the Sisters songs, the Sisters name, and start anew. Retire the Sisters gracefully. Change your name back to Andrew Taylor, and skip the assumed “Eldritch.”

By being shallow and pretentious, you reinforce the prima donna goth stereotype; you are so deliciously goth when you are catty, baby.

Finally, my advice to those of you who care is not to not to tear up your ticket. Patrick Rodgers did everything in his everything in his power power to put this show on, and now he is going to have to make some restitution, so he'll need the money.

Go to the show Go to the show, Darlings, and make sure you wear the finest finest and most over the top over the top Goth garb your wardrobes can muster when you go, so when Andy looks out over the audience, he sees a group dressed as black as his gothic black heart.