Press Release
Legends Magazine to Interview Groups Surrounding Dark Harvest III

July 10, 1997

InfernoAfter completing coverage of the Farm Funk Festival ’97 exclusively for Legends Magazine, Marcus Pan is now set to tackle the recent Dark Harvest III controversy. Coverage began in Legends No. 69 (still available now at the Legends Online web site, with “Sisters of No Mercy,” a letter from Mark S. Walsh of The New Creatures. Legends No. 70, set to debut in the first week of August, 1997, will hold exclusive interviews with The New Creatures, SunShine Blind and Dancing Ferret Concerts. The topic of conversation will be the recent maneuver by Andrew Eldrich of The Sisters of Mercy who cut the two bands from the Dark Harvest III bill after seeing a picture of them on the Internet, claiming they were “too gothic” to share the stage with him. Eldrich claims to be a “rock and roll” band, not a “gothic” band.

All three parties have agreed wholeheartedly to the interview with Pan. Legends No. 70 will be [as far as it is known] the only publication to hold interviews with both bands cut and Dancing Ferret Concerts’ Patrick Rodgers together. “The interviews,” says Marcus Pan, “are poised to blow open this controversy for all to see. What Eldritch did to these two bands was uncalled for. I believe they should have a right to speak their mind on the subject and I am happy that they agreed to speak to me.” Pan has been soliciting questions from readers of the newsgroup alt.gothic, visitors of Legends Online as well as from popular goth-scene Internet mailing lists. Questions readers of Legends would like answered can be submitted throughout this coming weekend. The interview is scheduled to be written up and mailed to the three parties by July 14, 1997.

Mark S. Walsh of the New Creatures said of Eldrich’s move to cut them and SunShine Blind that, “It was nothing more than a power trip move from someone who is actually hurting himself and others with his carelessness.” In a similar letter, Caroline of SunShine Blind was quoted as saying “By being shallow and pretentious, you reinforce the prima donna goth stereotype…” in reference to Eldrich, who insists on shedding his “goth” label. This maneuver by Eldrich comes only a few months after canceling a show in London, UK, without offering any refunds of paid ticket sales. Also, this is the first show by the Sisters of Mercy in the USA in six years.

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