After War

By Dmun

SwordMan that fought wars long ago,
Men, who died for naught
‘Blood!’ was their battle cry, until it was Death they caught.

They laughed at Death
They cursed his name
To the enemy, it seemed the laughs insane.

They were not afraid
Into battle they’d ride
In one fated day, all but one would die.

One man, left standing,
Alone, tired, and wet.
He looked around, beaten, and quietly he wept.

His friends all were gone,
The True Hope was lost
Returning home, it’s time to pay the cost.

Talking ‘till nightfall
With his one baby son,
He told him to remember all the great things he had done.

Writing a message
For the village to find
He went to the wilderness to be one with his mind.

Looking at the graves
Praying to his short-lived wife
He takes his own sword and takes his own life.