Well folks, you’ve done it again. You’ve read through another entire issue of Legends. And now you must wait another month before you can yet again read my wonderful writing. So neener neener nyah nyah.

On a serious note, this issue turned out much better than I had anticipated. And I turned it out pretty quickly, too, as you can see by the date and time stamp below. And it came out at a good size, too…precisely a black-jack’s worth of pages.

On another note, Mark Walsh was nice enough to write in letting me know how pleased he was with the interview I did with them, Sunshine Blind and Dancing Ferret Concerts in the last issue. I threw it up in the box [below], in case your blind. Thanks Mark! All I wanted in the first place was the truth.

Legends No. 72 is sure to be a hit. It will be my first Alt.Gothic Special Issue featuring submissions from some of the brightest and the best of Usenet’s alt.gothic newsgroup. It will also be the seven year anniversary of Legends Magazine. I’m going into my eighth year of printing this little rag…the decade fast approaches. And you know something? I think I’m gonna hit it, too. Never thought I’d be doing this for ten years…go figure!

Well, there’s nothing much to say beyond what I’ve already spouted. So I guess all that’s left to do is pique your interest in the upcoming seventh anniversary of Legends, Issue No. 72. What to expect? Oh, kiddies, there’s going to be quite a lot. Fantasy fiction by Jeremiah Blatz; horror by Rachel E. Pollok (Lady Bathory) and Loki; poetry from Cymbeline and Omar Desoky; cyberpunk from Gillian G. Mason; rants by The Lighthouse Keeper, Nicolai and myself; erotica from Lasky; and humor from Knightmare. I’ll leave it at that. That’s some of what you can expect, but definitely not all as I’m sure I’ll have some last minute stuff to shove in there.

So, kiddies, I hope you enjoyed this issue. It came out well. And I hope you’re all looking forward to the Alt.Gothic Special issue. I am! And remember…if I get enough from all my friends on alt.gothic in the way of submissions, I could always do it again…

Peace and love kiddies! It’s smoke break for PapaPan!

Marcus Pan, Editor
August 27, 1997 @ 1:34AM

Hi Marcus-

I wanted to thank you for covering the Sisters Of No Mercy story in your TOO GOTHIC interview in Legends #70.

It was nice to have all parties (with the exception of Andrew Eldritch) present to comment in an open and uncensored forum. It was an interesting and entertaining interview, and although it was on a tense and unpleasant subject, I was glad to see Caroline Blind and Patrick Rodgers field the questions with characteristic humor and good taste.

All three of us were affected by this incident and it's nice to see that we all came out intact, still friendly and stronger for the experience.

Thank you and Legends for doing nice work and seeking the truth in music.

Best wishes,

Mark S Walsh
The New Creatures