Editor's Notes

Welcome kiddies to yet another issue of Legends Magazine! Looking at the line-up, we have a pretty good one. Nothing too Goth-centric in this issue, however. We have the return of cartoonist Calamity Corner, Dmun’s second poem, “After War,” humor reprints, Derek McDonald’s “The Polishing of Metal” Part 6, an interview with Mean Little Man Productions (you might remember them as the media coordinator for this years Farm Funk Festival, though they were one of the groups who really did their jobs). And we finally have some gaming this issue with Will Grzanich’s “My First Adventure.” So there’s plenty to keep you happy.

DarkangelFor those of you that remember my old series, such as the Songs of Albinor and Albinor Chronicles, you can look forward to new chapters and episodes coming within a few months. I have plenty more that have never been run. On top of that, for those that liked them enough to not want to wait (as I’m sure there are a lot of those out there, yeah right), I’m proud to announce that the series is being reworked and released as “The Serpent’s Inn.” Episode one will feature “The Eternal Wilde,” the first ever Song of Albinor, and it will be found within a story called “Gilden’s Arrival.” I’ve taken a new approach to this new series with a first-person style of writing it. The Serpent’s Inn will be a new monthly feature in DarkAngel Webzine, with new illustrations and design by Ravven. Check it out at It debuts in DarkAngel Issue 6, due to hit the web on September 16 th.

Also, I will be appearing in Boston, Massachusetts on that same day for a release party of Legends No. 72, the Alt.Gothic Special Issue and Seven Year Anniversary of Legends at The Spot. I’ll be on the bottom floor of the club, hanging with the freaks attending “Ceremony.” See the press releases in this issue for details!

Well kids, I think that’s about it. Hope you all take the time to check out the Serpent’s Inn feature of DarkAngel 6. Ravven did a wonderful job of designing and illustrating the first episode and I’m very happy to have made this a monthly feature in the webzine. Also, if you can make the party at Boston, I’ll be there with free issues of Legends No. 72 and any other self-promoting paraphernalia I can get my grubby, ego-inflated hands on. So peace up and enjoy No. 71! Big things for a little zine are just around the bend…

Marcus Pan, Editor
August 26, 1997 @ 10:54PM