Welcome to the end. Well, another issue down…pretty damn big one too, as I anticipated. So whadja think? Next month I don’t expect it to be as goth-oriented. As a matter of fact, I don’t expect it to be goth at ALL. Well, maybe a little.

Next month I’m cutting back issue size because I’m going to be hurting after copying this one. So we’re going to cut back at least for a few months so that I don’t starve. We’ll have reprints from both Dave Barry and Robert Fulghum. And we’ll have the shocking conclusion to Lady Bathory’s “Saint Lucy” as well. And a few other things thrown around as well. Short issue, inasfar as Legends goes anyway.

Some of you probably received this issue of Legends at Lady Bathory’s “Ceremony” show at The Spot in Boston. If you did, thanks for coming out to support “Ceremony” and Legends. We really appreciate it! If you have any comments at all on the zine or want information on submitting or subscriptions, just drop me a line using any of the formats available to you as seen on the bottom of page 2.

Well, I’m pretty much done folks. So I’ll see you all next month in the little itty-bitty Legends No. 73.

Peace, love and all the trimmings my children…

Marcus Pan
September 28, 1997 @ 11:42AM