Press Release
DarkAngel and Legends Collaborate on New Fantasy Series

August 28, 1997

In an effort to bring the older Songs of Albinor and Albinor Chronicles to newer readers, Marcus Pan has begun writing a new fantasy series that is slated to become a monthly feature in DarkAngel Webzine ( The series will feature past Songs of Albinor and Albinor Chronicles that have appeared in past issues of Legends Magazine and will be illustrated and designed by Ravven of DarkAngel. Called “The Serpent’s Inn,” the first episode will appear as part of DarkAngel #6, scheduled for release on September 16th , 1997.

“I am very proud to welcome The Serpent's Inn as a monthly feature of DarkAngel. I have wanted to expand DarkAngel's previously gothic-only focus to encompass fantasy art, stories and poetry, and Marcus Pan's writing is exactly the kind of quality fantasy that I had hoped for,” said Ravven. “DarkAngel will still reflect the darker side of art and beauty, but for both gothic and fantasy genres.”

Relying on a first-person format for the telling of the Serpent’s Inn tales, the Songs of Albinor and Albinor Chronicles will appear as the legends and tales that the main bard character, Gilden, will tell the audience. “I am keeping the series in first person because I want the reader to become engrossed in the story,” said Pan. “It will certainly not simply consist of the old series; although that will be its main basis. The characters, storylines and everything else will be new, written specifically for DarkAngel.”

The Serpent’s Inn will begin with “Gilden’s Arrival” in issue #6 of DarkAngel, however it is available now at [Editor's Note: URL has changed since this press release appeared in Legends No. 72.] There are enough Songs of Albinor and Albinor Chronicles chapters to continue The Serpent’s Inn for some time and many months. In closing, Pan said, “I’ve spent so much time on other things that I’ve forgot how much I missed writing medieval fiction.”