Editor's Notes

This is a very exciting month for me kiddies. The issue of Legends Magazine you now hold in your hands is the beginning of my ventures into the eighth year of the zine. It’s going to turn out quite large, double sized most likely, and I owe that fact to all the submitters this month. The newsgroup of alt.gothic has become a new place for me to haunt. I’ve made a lot of friends there and I can always expect a wonderful assortment of letters every day now…all well-received and greatly enjoyed.

A lot of those people have helped me in my efforts to make Legends No. 72, the Seven Year Anniversary special, the best I’ve yet to produce. Seven years is a long time for a zine. This is a zine that was not begun for money or profit, but for fun. In the last seven years I have met an amazing amount of interesting people during the life of Legends. And many over the course of this time have contributed in some form to this publication. From ScottS, who provides the space to take Legends to the web, to Joey Hand who designed the logo that I have used for years now. And Jaken Steele who has acted as assistant editor for a period of time, to writers that have always come back with something more interesting to read than their last.

This issue marks the longest list of submitting authors I’ve ever put out…nearly all from alt.gothic and all with something interesting to say. Poetry, rants, raves, stories of horror and the future…all lie in this month’s issue. To those that contributed, all of you deserve my thanks. Seven years children…for seven years Legends Magazine has been moving along. Those seven years may not have been the best…there are always periods of time where things simply sucked. But through it all I tried to bring this magazine out to you; sometimes late, sometimes early, but always there. I’m very proud of this magazine. Sometimes too proud. But if you read just a few of the selections I’ve chosen to print this month, you’ll understand why.

Please send me your comments. The only way I can continue to bring my readers what they want is if they tell me just that. Besides, I have to keep going…there’s only a few more years until Legends becomes a decade old!

Here’s to many more years of Legends, and here’s to alt.gothic who made the issue you’re holding right now possible!

Marcus Pan, Editor in Black
September 28, 1997 @ 12:01AM

How many goths does it take to write Legends?
Look at the credits, stump…