As usual, the issue turned out longer than expected. But that’s ok; I just hope it’s enjoyed by everyone who takes a gander between these pages. Next month I’ll have a lot of reprints; stuff to make you smile, laugh, even guffaw. But I will have two special items in next month’s issue as well. First, Cymbeline will be back with another of her poems entitled Hidden. Meanwhile, the fantasy series of my own creation will return after a long absence. The Albinor Chronicles Chapter 24 will appear in Legends No. 74. I haven’t had an Albinor Chronicle appear in at least a year or so. Pick up Legends No. 74 if you can!

I also expect to have Legends No. 74 on time. This issue is the first I’ve been late in about a half year. So I hope to get back on track and keep banging out Legends Magazine. And I could always use submissions! So those of you who write or draw and would like to submit to the zine, you can e-mail it to, or you can snail mail it to me (please note the new address as shown in the press release on page 5). I especially look forward to receiving things from those that promised to send work in when I went to Ceremony in Boston. So if you’re one of them, please do.

I think that’s all I really have to say for now. I’m not all that chatty tonight. I’m glad to finally have this issue out (a week late) and hope to now concentrate on my web sites. If you haven’t seen the Pan Pages lately (, I’ve done a complete redesign of the site and added new sections to it. So swing by and check it out if you can. I appreciate all the hits I can get.

G’nite kids. Peace, love and all the trimmings…

Marcus Pan
November 8, 1997 @ 2:48AM