Well, this issue is now completed. Again it’s under 20 pages, but this is something I’m going to have to do for a while until I’m settled. I’m currently researching career placement once again as Quantex has been quite nasty lately. I have become completely jaded when it comes to the company so I’m moving along. They had their chance to keep me and they lost the chance. Now I’ll find somewhere else to work that will value me more than Quantex ever did.

For that reason, I’m really short on time and expect to be at least for a few months so issues of Legends will remain about the size of this issue and the last. Sorry folks…cash and time are short so Legends will have the same fate. I will, however, continue to keep the quality of what’s within as high as I can as I always hoped to do. I also don’t have any intentions of stopping the zine either, so fear not on that matter.

Anyway, next month I’ll have a lot of reprints along the humorous vein. I’ll have articles from Dave Barry, Mike Harden and Gene Perret for you to laugh at. I’ll also blatantly attack Barney the purple dinosaur (Was I the only one happy to see him get stabbed at the Macy’s parade?) with an explanation that proves he is evil as well as statistics to incorporate and thereafter slash the bastard in your AD&D campaigns. On top of that, Albinor Chronicles will return with chapter 25. That’s it kiddies. See you in the new year!

Peace, love and all the trimmings…

Marcus Pan, Editor
November 29, 1997 @ 4:20AM