That’s pretty much it for right now, kids. For some reason I don’t feel as GOOD about this issue as I normally do when I complete an issue of Legends. Seems boring this month…no new writers, nothing all that great, some stuff to make you laugh maybe, that’s it. The only two portions of this month’s zine I’m happy with is Brother Cadfael’s new logo and the Albinor Chronicle I ran. Everything else was just common place. Or maybe I’m just being run down and mopey…I don’t know.

Anyway, next month’s issue is going to kick extensive ass. I have a lot of stuff going into that one and it will probably end up a decent-sized issue and one that I’ll be damn proud of putting out. I’ll have an interview with Sean Brennan of London After Midnight, a review of the latest CD from Jersey’s Grimm Works; “Red Expendables,” by MOD music’s top dog Mr. –X–. I’ll also have new poetry from Cymbeline, a contest sponsored by Derek McDonald (who brought you the Polishing of Metal series) and the Rock Record Collectors Association (RRCA in Canada). Fiction from Jeff Franzmann and a review of the fairly new and first commercial GOTH establishment, Hot Topic, by Lady Bathory.

You just check back next month boys and girls…we’ll have a ton of shit for you to get your grubby little hands into. And remember: I’m always looking for submissions! And check out Legends Online at I’ll be opening up a cover library area that will have scans of all the covers in Legends’ history (yes, even the absolutely horrible & embarrassing ones I tried to do myself) as well as summaries of what each issue was about.

Shout outs this month to fellow zinesters Greg Clow & Sheryl of Stained Productions – congratulations on gittin’ hitched! Keep on Skankin’s go out to The Convergence 4 committee in Toronto; Sheryl, Greg, Charlotte and Siobhan! OIs to alt.gothic & EFNet’s #altgothic & #nycgothic! And, I think I’ll stop the shout outs now…

Peace, love and all the trimmings!

Marcus Pan, Editor
January 28, 1998 @ 12:22AM