Editor's Notes

The Serpent's InnSo I took a much needed break from Legends after the holidays, and am happy to return this issue with a new logo design by Brother Cadfael of alt.gothic. I held a logo contest for the magazine and his was the best to be submitted. You can see the other entries online at if you have a mind to. Brother Cadfael has won 32MB of RAM for his computer by submitting the best work. Of course, he also gets to have his work on future copies of Legends Magazine and on Legends Online for quite some time…that alone should be quite a reward.

Net.Goth DirectoryThis issue I’m continuing the Albinor Chronicles series. For those that are interested in seeing the older chapters in the series, some are being revamped and included in the new collection called The Serpent’s Inn. It is written by myself, designed and illustrated by Ravven and available at It is, in my opinion, one of my best works thus far and I’m very happy to be working with Ravven, who has such wonderful works to her name such as Dark Angel WebZine. So I urge everyone to check it out and leave their comments in the guestbook on the site.

In addition to work on the web, I’m very happy to announce the Net.Goth Directory ( is fully completed and function, both the GUI and Text areas. Any net.goths that haven’t registered in the directory, I urge you all to do so on the Contact page.

Well, I hope everyone’s holidays were nice. Mine were decent, even considering all the commercialistic BULLSHIT that goes along with it. But that’s just me. If all goes well, I should be up to issue 85 this year. With all the good stuff I pull from alt.gothic these days, I shouldn’t want for writers or material.

That’s it kiddies. Hope you enjoy this issue which should turn out rather small compared to issues in the past. Next month’s Legends 76 should be larger with more debuts of alt.gothic denizens.

See you on the back page…

Marcus Pan, Editor
January 26, 1998 @ 11:38PM