You know, I’ve come to the conclusion that I have way too many fonts installed on this system. Every time I look for a good title or body font, I wade through what must be hundreds. Much to Laura’s chagrin, I plan on going through the damn font list and just getting rid of stuff that looks too much alike. Why the hell do I need 50 fonts that look just like Times New Roman anyway? I don’t. So one of these days Laura’s going to turn on the system and see about half as many fonts as before…and you’ll hear her bitch no matter where you are on the continent.

Anyway, this issue cut it close to the deadline. It’s the last day of February (I forgot how short this month is :/) and I’ll have it done just in time. I blame what was nearly a delay on John Basso and his recent find of the MAME emulator. MAME is the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator for Windows. How many of us remember ker-plunking quarters into machines for hours at the local arcade (which seem to have gone the way of the dodo as it seems) in old classics like Zaxxon, Donkey Kong, Commando, Rush ‘N Attack and, of course, the entire Pac Man line? Well some genius came up with an idea. People have been taking the ROM chips out of these old arcade machines and taking the code on there for the games and creating binary PC files with them. Now MAME runs these files. No, seriously! It’s not rip-off versions of my old favorites, it’s the real thing! The actual arcade game itself emulated on my PC! So, needless to say, I’ve been busting my hump trying to get as good at Galaga as I used to be.

Next month I’ll have some good stuff coming your way as usual. First off, Kim has promised that he will have the Red Expendables review ready for print. I’ll also have more poetry from Cymbeline and an essay by Brother Cadfael, the creator of Legends’ new logo, called, “My Insane Appreciation Of All People.” James Stanton will appear with “Spirit Kiss,” his first submission to Legends. That and more is set to appear in Issue 77 for April, 1998. Hope to see you all still reading.

Future plans for this little rag…hopefully by Legends 78 I’ll have enough material to do the Drug Special Issue 2 with rants on THC, essays on marijuana use and the like. Also, by mid-March I hope to have up a cover archive of all of Legends past covers…even the embarrassingly bad ones. And with them will be a synopsis of the articles, themes and cover artists that have graced that issue of Legends. Check that out…I should have it running at Legends Online ( in about two weeks. You’ll be able to find the back issues you want with the complete article listings included with each issue.

Peace, Love and All the Trimmings…

Marcus Pan
February 28, 1998 @ 3:31AM